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Slam the Online Scam


Slam The Online Scam

Fight Back Against Online Scams, Hackers and Cyber Attackers

Everyday people are fighting a never-ending war against a slew of online scams that include computer viruses, malicious software and phishing scams.

Attacks by cyber thieves have become more frequent, evolving into complex schemes and duping even the smartest cyber savvy computer users. Consumers must always be on the lookout for the latest phishing scams, disguised as convincing emails or mock websites, which scam people into revealing personal information leaving them vulnerable to crimes such as ID theft.

In this war, the best line of defense is the informed computer users.

Slam the Online Scam is a national public-education campaign which combats cyber attacks by empowering computer users with tools, tips and techniques to be self-secure. The campaign’s website includes advice on how to recognize and avoid online scams. It also notifies users of the latest online threats and is packed with recent articles and online safety reports.

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Real People. Real Scam Stories.
Real People. Real Scam Stories.The virus was a video that said "I can't believe high school was so long ago! You really have the moves in this video!" - and it was from someone I went to high school with, so I clicked it. It launched a YouTube looking site but only after it started to load did I notice the URL was not YouTube but…

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